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News regarding patient radioprotection

Patient protection devices are mostly not necessary, BAG/OFSP announced in a recent information. Read more.

The BAG/OFSP has recently published an update on radiation protection measures (see here in German and French). This concerns patient protection devices such as gonadal protection or lead aprons that are placed over the patient.
This is specifically NOT about protective devices intended to protect the surgeon (such as RadPad or lead apron).
Consequently, in interventional cardiology and rhythmology, such patient radiation protection means are no longer necessary, since no radiation reduction of the patient could be shown.

For more information: 
- Wegleitungen für Röntgenanlagen und radioaktive Stoffe / Directives pour installations RX et substances radioactives
- FAQ der französischen IRSN-Webseite / FAQ du site français de l’IRSN
- Empfehlungen der deutschen Strahlenschutzkommission / recommandations de la commission allemande de radioprotection 
- Europäisches Konsensuspapier zu Patientenschutzmitteln /  consensus européen sur les moyens de protection des patients 

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