Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie
Société Suisse de Cardiologie
Società Svizzera di Cardiologia
Assemblée annuelle commune de la Société Suisse de Cardiologie (SSC)
et de la Société Suisse de Chirurgie Cardiaque et Vasculaire Thoracique (SSCC)






Aperçu du programme

Les présentations de s'assemblée annuelle commune 2015 seront encore disponibles jusqu'à fin mai 2016 en demandant à 

Mittwoch 10.06.2015

Atar, David

- ESC Guidelines – Where Are We Going?

Bettex, Dominique

-The weak heart – Perioperative management strategies

Eeckhout, Eric

-TAVI and renal insufficiency: The scope of the problem

Gämperli, Oliver

-CTO – Antegrade approaches

Gonçalves, Lino

-ESCeL Platform: A tool for harmonization of cardiology training and education in Europe

Jeger, Raban

-Severe aortic stenosis: TAVI

-TAVI for bicuspid aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitations

Locher, Heinz

-The digital world - Challenges and opportunities for the cardiologists professional future

Müller, Oliver

-CFR, FFR, iFR, etc.

Nanchen, David

-How good are clinical risk prediction rules?

-Swiss adaption of the Mayo Clinic Statins Decision Aid

Ruschitzka, Frank

-Pathophysiologic targets for acute heart failure therapy: The Cardiorenal Syndrome

Schmutzler, David

-Contrast enhanced ultrasound molecular imaging of the inflammatory response in myocarditis

Siclari, Francesco

- Multivessel coronary artery disease: CABG

Tüller, David

-Utility vs futility: Any benefit of TAVI in severe LV dysfunction or severe COPD?

Weilenmann, Daniel

-Multivessel coronary artery disease: PCI

Wenaweser, Peter

-TAVI plus CAD: PCI before, during or never?

Wilhelm, Markus



Donnerstag 11.06.2015

Beer, Jürg

-Einsatz der NOACs im klinischen Alltag

Berdat, Pascal

-HOCM: Alcohol ablation or LVOT Surgery: When and what?

Bertel, Osmund

-HOCM: Alcohol ablation or LVOT Surgery: When and what?

Biccard, Bruce

-Invasive versus conservative approach in patients with myocardial infarction during non-cardiac surgery: Anaesthesiologist’s view

Brenner, Roman

-What’s new in the hypertension management?

Bührer, Rosemarie

-Monitoring after cardiac cath-lab interventions – How to provide safe patient care?

Cassina, Tiziano

-How long in ICU?

De Benedetti, Edoardo

-Non-cardiac surgery: Cardiovascular assessment and management – How to session? Case No.3

Delacrétaz, Etienne

-Tachycardia-induced heart failure – Does it exist?

Demertzis, Stefanos

-Before cardiac surgery

Dimitrios, Adamis

-Different types of delirium: What are the differences? Or how do we differentiate between them and are there differences in outcomes?

Ferrari, Enrico

-The role of the surgeon

Filipovic, Miodrag

-OAC and NOAC with or without platelet inhibition

Gruner, Christiane

-Non-invasive treatment options in HCM

Hasemann, Wolfgang

-Alcohol withdrawal – A challenge in caring 73 for patients after heart surgery

Haubner, Sandra

-Care of cardiac patients remains complex and critical even following discharge from the Intensive Care Unit: Working together is key

Hullin, Roger

-Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. Valsartan-Neprilysin-Inhibition – A paradigm change?

-Heart failure in patients with rheumatologic diseases

Jeger, Raban

-TAVI for bicuspid aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitations

Klingenberg, Roland

-The crossroad between immunology and artherosclerosis – Clinical implications

Kuster, Gabriela

-Cardiac regeneration – Picking up the pieces

Mach, François

-PCSK9 Inhibitors: Ready for primetime?

-Unmet Medical Need in the Management of Hypercholesterolemia

-What's new in chronic heart failure? Welcome and introduction

Matter Ensner, Sonja

-Patient selection & perioperative management

Meier, Bernhard

-New horizons in anticoagulation - Minimizing risks and optimizing outcomes - Introduction

-Intensity of Chronic Oral Anticoagulation

Muggli, Franco

-Swiss Hypertension Guidelines

-Resistant Hypertension

Müller, Peter

-Echocardiography and CRM in HCM

Ommen, Steve

-Phenotypes and genotypes of HCM

-HCM: What is new in the guidelines? Impact on our practice

Pedrazzini, Giovanni

-Coronary stenting and atrial fibrillation: What’s the right regimen for oral anticoagulation?


Pfister, Otmar

-Iron substitution in HF – Current evidence and a new concept?

-Pathophysiology of heart failure – targets for pharmacological therapy

Pruvot, Etienne

-Arrhythmias in acute coronary syndrome

Puelacher, Christian

-Basel-PMI: First results of a prospective Swiss multicenter project on perioperative myocardial injury in non-cardiac surgery

Rickli, Hans

-Efficacy, safety & cardiovascular profile of Rivaroxaban

-Perioperative Myocadial Infarction

Riesen, Walter

-Success and limitations of current hypolipidemic drug therapy

Schlupp, Elisabeth

-Do young adults need a special pain management program?

Schuurmans, Marieke

-Instruments used to detect delirium

Stocker, Jenifer

-Children’s pain and withdrawal: Which interventions are necessary?

Sudano, Isabella

-Swiss Hypertension Guidelines

Suter, Thomas

-Cancer-drug induced heart failure

Toggweiler, Stefan

-Pacing indication before and after TAVI

-TAVI - Respositionability, the Game Changer? - 1-2 MDT technology & cases & discussion

Tozzi, Piergiorgio

-Mechanical Circulatory Support 2015 An Overview

Van Heeswijk, Ruud

-Molecular imaging with MRI – Ready for prime time?

Von Eckardstein, Arnold

-Any need of lipid modifying drug therapy beyond lowering of LDL-cholesterol?

-Familial Hypercholesterolemia: What Should a Cardiologist Know?

Walsh, Simon

-Optimal revascularization in CTO

Wenaweser, Peter

-TAVI - Respositionability, the Game Changer?

Windecker, Stephan

-EVOLVE II, 1 year


Freitag 12.06.2015

Alfieri, Ottavio

-Where are we going?

Altmann, David

-Asymptomatic pre-excitation should always be ablated

Ammann, Peter

-State of the art treatment of device infections

Bernheim, Alain

-Sicht des Echokardiographen

Bettex, Dominique

-Anaesthetic considerations and pitfalls

Costabile, Simon

-ECC and heparin management

Di Bernardo, Stefano

-Pre- and postnatal management in childhood

Donner, Birgit

-Pediatric and adult clinical presentation of the main syndromes

Feldmann, Romana

-Treatment of chronic pain in cardiac rehab: A sport psychological approach

Freigang, Stefan

-A novel pathway of vascular inflammation in atherosclerosis

Garnière, Vincent

-Update changes in pacing indications

Hartmann, Susanne

-Coping strategies in chronic pain – The active way?

Hermann, Matthias

-Patients with severe heart diseases. How to identify emergency situations

Kaiser, Christoph

-P2Y12 inhibitors pretreatment: Pro

Kaufmann, Beat

-Technology of left atrial appendage closure: Cardiologist’s case

Kucher, Nils

-Acute PE

Künzli, Andreas

-Blood saving surgical technique

Müller, Andreas

-OAC for PVI

Osto, Elena

-Rapid and body weight-independant improvement of endothelial and high density lipoprotein function after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: Role of Glucagon-like preptide-1

Prêtre, René

-Redo-surgery: Nightmare or opportunity?

Reek, Sven

-Life Vest

Rickli, Hans

-5 years after PLATO – Experience from the Daily Clinical Practice

Schmidt, Christop

-Reanimation beim Sportler – Ein besonderer Challenge?

Servatius, Helge

-RF ablation for elderly: Do we have scientific evidence?

Tanner, Hildegard

-Who does not need a primary preventive ICD?

Tobler, Daniel

-Long-term outcomes: All good?

Tschudi, Peter

-Die Hausärzte gehen auf die Strasse…!

Tüller, David

-Percutaneous technology of TAVI

Wilhelm, Matthias

-Sicht des Belastungsphysiologen

Windecker, Stephan

-Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in the next 5 Years – Anything beyond the Stent-Protection?

-Myocardial revascularisation