Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie
Société Suisse de Cardiologie
Società Svizzera di Cardiologia
Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie (SGK)
und der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Herz- und thorakale Gefässchirurgie (SGHC)






Präsentationen des Jahreskongresses 2015 sind noch bis Ende Mai 2016 erhältlich.

Mittwoch 10.06.2015

Atar, David

- ESC Guidelines – Where Are We Going?

Bettex, Dominique

-The weak heart – Perioperative management strategies

Eeckhout, Eric

-TAVI and renal insufficiency: The scope of the problem

Gämperli, Oliver

-CTO – Antegrade approaches

Gonçalves, Lino

-ESCeL Platform: A tool for harmonization of cardiology training and education in Europe

Jeger, Raban

-Severe aortic stenosis: TAVI

-TAVI for bicuspid aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitations

Locher, Heinz

-The digital world - Challenges and opportunities for the cardiologists professional future

Müller, Oliver

-CFR, FFR, iFR, etc.

Nanchen, David

-How good are clinical risk prediction rules?

-Swiss adaption of the Mayo Clinic Statins Decision Aid

Ruschitzka, Frank

-Pathophysiologic targets for acute heart failure therapy: The Cardiorenal Syndrome

Schmutzler, David

-Contrast enhanced ultrasound molecular imaging of the inflammatory response in myocarditis

Siclari, Francesco

- Multivessel coronary artery disease: CABG

Tüller, David

-Utility vs futility: Any benefit of TAVI in severe LV dysfunction or severe COPD?

Weilenmann, Daniel

-Multivessel coronary artery disease: PCI

Wenaweser, Peter

-TAVI plus CAD: PCI before, during or never?

Wilhelm, Markus



Donnerstag 11.06.2015

Beer, Jürg

-Einsatz der NOACs im klinischen Alltag

Berdat, Pascal

-HOCM: Alcohol ablation or LVOT Surgery: When and what?

Bertel, Osmund

-HOCM: Alcohol ablation or LVOT Surgery: When and what?

Biccard, Bruce

-Invasive versus conservative approach in patients with myocardial infarction during non-cardiac surgery: Anaesthesiologist’s view

Brenner, Roman

-What’s new in the hypertension management?

Bührer, Rosemarie

-Monitoring after cardiac cath-lab interventions – How to provide safe patient care?

Cassina, Tiziano

-How long in ICU?

De Benedetti, Edoardo

-Non-cardiac surgery: Cardiovascular assessment and management – How to session? Case No.3

Delacrétaz, Etienne

-Tachycardia-induced heart failure – Does it exist?

Demertzis, Stefanos

-Before cardiac surgery

Dimitrios, Adamis

-Different types of delirium: What are the differences? Or how do we differentiate between them and are there differences in outcomes?

Ferrari, Enrico

-The role of the surgeon

Filipovic, Miodrag

-OAC and NOAC with or without platelet inhibition

Gruner, Christiane

-Non-invasive treatment options in HCM

Hasemann, Wolfgang

-Alcohol withdrawal – A challenge in caring 73 for patients after heart surgery

Haubner, Sandra

-Care of cardiac patients remains complex and critical even following discharge from the Intensive Care Unit: Working together is key

Hullin, Roger

-Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. Valsartan-Neprilysin-Inhibition – A paradigm change?

-Heart failure in patients with rheumatologic diseases

Jeger, Raban

-TAVI for bicuspid aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitations

Klingenberg, Roland

-The crossroad between immunology and artherosclerosis – Clinical implications

Kuster, Gabriela

-Cardiac regeneration – Picking up the pieces

Mach, François

-PCSK9 Inhibitors: Ready for primetime?

-Unmet Medical Need in the Management of Hypercholesterolemia

-What's new in chronic heart failure? Welcome and introduction

Matter Ensner, Sonja

-Patient selection & perioperative management

Meier, Bernhard

-New horizons in anticoagulation - Minimizing risks and optimizing outcomes - Introduction

-Intensity of Chronic Oral Anticoagulation

Muggli, Franco

-Swiss Hypertension Guidelines

-Resistant Hypertension

Müller, Peter

-Echocardiography and CRM in HCM

Ommen, Steve

-Phenotypes and genotypes of HCM

-HCM: What is new in the guidelines? Impact on our practice

Pedrazzini, Giovanni

-Coronary stenting and atrial fibrillation: What’s the right regimen for oral anticoagulation?


Pfister, Otmar

-Iron substitution in HF – Current evidence and a new concept?

-Pathophysiology of heart failure – targets for pharmacological therapy

Pruvot, Etienne

-Arrhythmias in acute coronary syndrome

Puelacher, Christian

-Basel-PMI: First results of a prospective Swiss multicenter project on perioperative myocardial injury in non-cardiac surgery

Rickli, Hans

-Efficacy, safety & cardiovascular profile of Rivaroxaban

-Perioperative Myocadial Infarction

Riesen, Walter

-Success and limitations of current hypolipidemic drug therapy

Schlupp, Elisabeth

-Do young adults need a special pain management program?

Schuurmans, Marieke

-Instruments used to detect delirium

Stocker, Jenifer

-Children’s pain and withdrawal: Which interventions are necessary?

Sudano, Isabella

-Swiss Hypertension Guidelines

Suter, Thomas

-Cancer-drug induced heart failure

Toggweiler, Stefan

-Pacing indication before and after TAVI

-TAVI - Respositionability, the Game Changer? - 1-2 MDT technology & cases & discussion

Tozzi, Piergiorgio

-Mechanical Circulatory Support 2015 An Overview

Van Heeswijk, Ruud

-Molecular imaging with MRI – Ready for prime time?

Von Eckardstein, Arnold

-Any need of lipid modifying drug therapy beyond lowering of LDL-cholesterol?

-Familial Hypercholesterolemia: What Should a Cardiologist Know?

Walsh, Simon

-Optimal revascularization in CTO

Wenaweser, Peter

-TAVI - Respositionability, the Game Changer?

Windecker, Stephan

-EVOLVE II, 1 year


Freitag 12.06.2015

Alfieri, Ottavio

-Where are we going?

Altmann, David

-Asymptomatic pre-excitation should always be ablated

Ammann, Peter

-State of the art treatment of device infections

Bernheim, Alain

-Sicht des Echokardiographen

Bettex, Dominique

-Anaesthetic considerations and pitfalls

Costabile, Simon

-ECC and heparin management

Di Bernardo, Stefano

-Pre- and postnatal management in childhood

Donner, Birgit

-Pediatric and adult clinical presentation of the main syndromes

Feldmann, Romana

-Treatment of chronic pain in cardiac rehab: A sport psychological approach

Freigang, Stefan

-A novel pathway of vascular inflammation in atherosclerosis

Garnière, Vincent

-Update changes in pacing indications

Hartmann, Susanne

-Coping strategies in chronic pain – The active way?

Hermann, Matthias

-Patients with severe heart diseases. How to identify emergency situations

Kaiser, Christoph

-P2Y12 inhibitors pretreatment: Pro

Kaufmann, Beat

-Technology of left atrial appendage closure: Cardiologist’s case

Kucher, Nils

-Acute PE

Künzli, Andreas

-Blood saving surgical technique

Müller, Andreas

-OAC for PVI

Osto, Elena

-Rapid and body weight-independant improvement of endothelial and high density lipoprotein function after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: Role of Glucagon-like preptide-1

Prêtre, René

-Redo-surgery: Nightmare or opportunity?

Reek, Sven

-Life Vest

Rickli, Hans

-5 years after PLATO – Experience from the Daily Clinical Practice

Schmidt, Christop

-Reanimation beim Sportler – Ein besonderer Challenge?

Servatius, Helge

-RF ablation for elderly: Do we have scientific evidence?

Tanner, Hildegard

-Who does not need a primary preventive ICD?

Tobler, Daniel

-Long-term outcomes: All good?

Tschudi, Peter

-Die Hausärzte gehen auf die Strasse…!

Tüller, David

-Percutaneous technology of TAVI

Wilhelm, Matthias

-Sicht des Belastungsphysiologen

Windecker, Stephan

-Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in the next 5 Years – Anything beyond the Stent-Protection?

-Myocardial revascularisation