Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie
Société Suisse de Cardiologie
Società Svizzera di Cardiologia

Gemeinsame Jahrestagung 2017:
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie (SGK) und Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Herz- und thorakale Gefässchirurgie (SGHC)

7. - 9. Juni 2017, Trafo Baden





Programm vom Freitag, 13.06.2014

Zeit Thema Vorsitz Ort
07:30-08:00 Symposium satellite Kursaal, Club Casino
Servier (Suisse) SA Servier (Suisse) SA
  Meet the expert-Breakfast Session: Kann man die Behandlung von Hypertonie noch verbessern?
Redner/Orateurs: F. Ruschitzka (Zürich, CH)
I. Sudano (Zürich, CH)
08:00-09:30 Workshop 16 Kursaal, Ballsaal

New interventional techniques: Can they keep what they promise?
Vorsitz/ Modération: Ch. Huber (Bern, CH)
Ch. Kaiser (Basel, CH)
Renal denervation: Practical aspects and limitations
St. Cook (Fribourg, CH)
MitraClip: When considering it and when not
G. Pedrazzini (Lugano, CH)
Interventional left atrial appendage closure
M. Kühne (Basel, CH)
TAVI: Who, why and when?
P. Wenaweser (Bern, CH)
Does the surgeon still have a place?
F. Siclari (Lugano, CH)
08:00-09:30 Oral Session 11 Kursaal, Brünig
  Imaging and congenital "Assessing outcome"
Vorsitz/ Modération: H. Müller (Genève, CH)
St. Muzarelli (Lugano, CH)
Long-term outcome of patients with idiopathic left ventricular aneurysms and diverticula presenting with arrhythmic manifestations
L. Haegeli (Zürich, CH)
Marfan syndrome and related connective tissue disorders in the current era in Switzerland: A retrospective analysis of 117 patients
R. Weber (Zürich, CH)
3-D echocardiography to predict arrhythmia recurrence after atrial fibrillation ablation
M. Bossard (Basel, CH)
The effect of septal versus apical right ventricular pacing on left and right ventricular performance: A cardiac magnetic resonance imaging study
R. Zbinden (Zürich, CH)
08:00-09:30 Scientific Session 4 Kursaal, Harder 1-2
  Obesity and physical activity
Vorsitz/ Modération: J.-P. Schmid (Bern, CH)
G. Haager (St. Gallen, CH)
Obesity and physical activity: The scientific view
B. Wilms (Zürich, CH)
Obesity and cardiac rehab: Special training modalities (orthopedic problems, comorbidities, diabetes,...) the practical view
M. Matoulek (Praha, CZ)
Physical activity following bariatric surgery: Influence on cardiovascular risk factors?
St. Aczél (St. Gallen, CH)
08:30-09:30 Oral Session 12 Kursaal, Rugen
  Heart failure and cardiomyopathies
Vorsitz/ Modération: P. Meyer (Genève, CH)
G. Moschovitis (Lugano, CH)
Congestive heart failure with concomitant tachyarrhythmia: Predictors for tachycardiomyopathy
M. Fischer (Basel, CH)
Impact of mitral regurgitation on clinical outcomes among patients with low-flow, low-gradient severe aortic stenosis undergoing dobutamine stress echocardiography prior to transcathether aortic valve implantation
C. O'Sullivan (Bern, CH)
Prognostic impact of systolic blood pressure and its changes during titration of medication in patients with chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
M. Zurek (St. Gallen, CH)
Inferior vena cava parameters predict readmission in patients with decompensated heart failure due to ischemic heart disease
F. Carbone (Genève, CH)
Outcome and complications in patients with takotsubo cardiomyopathy
M. Jaguszewski (Zürich, CH)
Accuracy of echocardiographic cardiac output assessment in subjects with preserved ejection fraction – Implications for studies on the pathophysiology of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
M. Maeder (St. Gallen, CH)
09:30-09:45 Kaffeepause in der Piazza und Industrieausstellung
Pause café dans la piazza et l`exposition
09:45-10:30 Main Session 5 Kursaal, Ballsaal
  Senning Lecture
Vorsitz/ Modération: F. Siclari (Lugano, CH)
Innovation in Cardiac Surgery and the need for quality assessment 
F. Mohr (Leipzig, DE)
09:45-11:15 Workshop 17 Kursaal, Club Casino
  Heart failure and liver dysfunction
Vorsitz/ Modération: M. Wilhelm (Zürich, CH)
R. Hullin (Lausanne, CH)
Liver dysfunction for outcome prediction in heart failure
M. Maeder (St. Gallen, CH)
Right heart failure and liver disease
F. Enseleit (Zürich, CH)
Right heart failure after cardiac surgery
E. Ferrari (Lausanne, CH)
09:45-11:15 Scientific Session 5 Kursaal, Brünig
  RVOT Obstruction
Vorsitz/ Modération: J.-P. Pfammatter (Bern, CH)
Ch. Balmer (Zürich, CH)
Natural history and diagnosis
T. Rutz (Lausanne, CH)
Percutaneous interventions
O. Kretschmar (Zürich, CH)
What’s left for the surgeon
D. Hitendu (Zürich, CH) 
09:45-11:15 Scientific Session 6 Kursaal, Harder 1-2
  Obstacles to overcome in rehabilitation
Vorsitz/ Modération: M. Wilhelm (Bern, CH)
M. Gsponer (Kilchberg, CH)
Look AHEAD in lifestyle changes in diabetics: Our efforts in vain?
M. Wilhelm (Bern, CH)
Diabetes and cardiac rehabilitation: Can patients be trained together?
H. Tschanz (Heiligenschwendi, CH)
Impaired lipolysis in response to exercise in obese: Another insurmountable problem?
D. Hansen (Maastricht, NL)
Influence of cardiovascular medication on exercise capacity. An update. 
Ch. Schmidt (Barmelweid, CH)
09:45-11:15 Oral Session 13 Kursaal, Rugen
  Novel techniques and devices in coronary revascularization procedures
Vorsitz/ Modération: A. Khattab (Bern, CH)
O. Gämperli (Zürich, CH)
The evolution of coronary flow reserve, index of microcirculatory resistance and fractional flow reserve after st-elevation myocardial infarction
F. Cuculi (Luzern, CH)
The function of natural internal mammary-to-coronary artery bypasses and its effect on myocardial ischemia
M. Stoller (Bern, CH)
Initial experience with the absorb bioabsorbable vascular scaffold in all comer patients
Z. Kallinikou (Bern, CH)
Skeletonized internal thoracic artery harvesting: Peak plasmablade provides integrity of the vessel wall, less adventitial hemorrhage and intact endothelial layer by means of pulsed radiofrequency in comparison to conventional electrocautery
A. Zientara (Zürich, CH)
Incidence and timing of definite stent thrombosis with the use of new generation drug-eluting stents in unselected patients undergoing PCI
Th. Zanchin, (Bern, CH)
Estimating the costs of percutaneous coronary interventions in patients with stable coronary artery disease in the 2012 Swiss D R G environment.
B. Wein (Basel, CH)
10:30-11:00 Main Session 6 Kursaal, Ballsaal
  Research Prize Lecture
Vorsitz/ Modération: T. Lüscher (Zürich, CH)
M. Genoni (Zürich, CH)
Effects of flavenol-rich nutrition on the vascular endothelium  
A. Flammer (Zürich, CH)  
  Mice generated by in vitro fertilization exhibit
  E. Rexhaj (Bern, CH)
  Acute aoritc dissection determines the fate of initially untreated aortic segments in marfan syndrome
  F.S.Schönhoff (Bern, CH)
11:00-11:15 Kaffeepause in der Piazza und Industrieausstellung
Pause café dans la piazza et l`exposition
11:15-12:45 Workshop 18 Kursaal, Ballsaal
  Quality - as good as it can get: Better, faster, and cheaper?
Vorsitz/ Modération: M. Zellweger (Basel, CH)
M. Genoni (Zürich, CH)
Qualität darf transpatent sein
J. Vontobel (Luzern, CH)
Qualitätsarbeit in der Herzchirurgie
M. Genoni (Zürich, CH)
Qualitätsarbeit in der Kardiologie
M. Zellweger (Basel, CH)
Was verstehen die Patienten unter Qualität?
M.Kessler (Zürich, CH)
Die Qualitätsstrategie des Bundes
O. Peters (Bern, CH)
Qualität im Brennpunkt: Wann ist es genug?  
Ph. Urban (Meyran, CH)
11:30-12:30 Debate Kursaal, Club Casino
  Oral platelet inhibitors in ACS/PCI
  Vorsitz/ Modération: H. Rickli (St. Gallen, CH)
Ch. Kaiser (Basel, CH)
Tailor them
M. Roffi (Genève, CH)
Make it simple
B. Meier (Bern, CH)
11:30-12:30 Workshop 19 Kursaal, Brünig
  The tricuspid valve
Vorsitz/ Modération: Ch. Attenhofer (Zürich, CH)
M. Beghetti (Genève, CH)
Differential diagnosis of tricuspid insufficiency (tricuspid dysplasia, Ebstein anomaly)
Y. Mivelaz (Lausanne, CH)
Secondary TR
G. de Pasquale (Zürich, CH)
Surgical point of view (when and how to intervene)
A. Kalangos (Genève, CH)
11:30-12:30 Workshop 20 Kursaal, Harder 1-2
  Drug induced problems in cardiology
Vorsitz/ Modération: A. Jetter (Zürich, CH)
J. Nussberger (Lausanne, CH)
Drug-induced QTc-prolongation 
F. Girardin (Genève, CH)
Pharmacogenetics of cardiovascular drugs
A. Jetter (Zürich, CH)
Antihypertensive Therapy: Fables, Fairy Tales and Facts
F. Messerli (New York, USA)
12:45-13:45 Satellite symposium Kursaal, Club Casino
Vifor Pharma Vifor Pharma – Vifor 
  The quality of life of your CHF patients -The scientific, medical and patient view
Vorsitz/ Modération:  G. Noll (Zürich, CH)
Redner/Orateur:  Th. Szucs (Zürich, Basel)
Discussion with a Patient  
Th. Szucs (Zürich, Basel)  
12:45-13:45 Satellite symposium Kursaal, Brünig

Medtronic (Schweiz) AG
The Patient with an Implanted ICD or Cardiac Pacemaker
Vorsitz/ Modération: P. Ammann (St. Gallen, CH)
Introduction: How predictable is todays ICD and Pacemaker therapy
P. Ammann (St. Gallen, CH)
PainFree SST – Appropriateness of ICD and CRT-D therapy
A. Auricchio (Lugano, CH)
The Swiss 4P trial – Prospective study of Predictive Quality Preferencing PainFree therapies 
M. Fromer (Lausanne, CH)
The Osteoporosis specialist – “Falls in the Elderly” Should my patient see the Cardiologist?
K. Lippuner (Bern, CH)
The Cardiologists perspective - “Falls in the Elderly” Should we care about Osteoporosis?
M. Kühne (Basel, CH)
12:45-13:30 Generalversammlung SCT Kursaal, Harder 1-2
Assemblée générale SCT
Vorsitz/ Modération:  M. Gsponer (Kilchberg, CH)
12:45-13:30 Generalversammlung SGPK Kursaal, Rugen
Assemblée générale SSCP
Vorsitz/ Modération:  Ch. Balmer (Zürich, CH)
12:45-17:45 Workshop 21 Kursaal, Grimsel
  3D Echo Workshop
Vorsitz/ Modération: P. Biaggi (Zürich, CH)
F. Faletra (Lugano, CH)
A. Delabays (Lausanne, CH)
Principles of 3D Echo: ´real time´and ´stiched~sD TEE
F. Faletra (Lugano, CH)
Anatomy of mitral valve
A. Delabays (Lausanne, CH)
Mitral valve prolapse in 3D TEE
P. Biaggi (Zürich, CH)
Functional mitral regurgitation in 3D TEE
F. Faletra (Lugano, CH)
14:45-15:30 3D Echo Workshop - Knobology
How to obtain good quality 3D images: live in a box movies for Philips iE33 AND GE E9
P. Biaggi (Zürich, CH)
15:30-17:30 3D Echo Workshop - Hands-on
Hands-on TomTec Kursaal, Grimsel 1
P. Biaggi (Zürich, CH)
8 persons, pairs of 2, at 4 workstations
Hands-on GE Healthcare Kursaal, Grimsel 2
A. Delabays (Lausanne, CH)
8 persons, pairs of 2, at 4 workstations
Hands-on Philips Kursaal, Susten
F. Faletra (Lugano, CH)
8 persons, pairs of 2, at 4 workstations
Dieser Workshop wird unterstützt durch:     
13:30-14:30 Workshop 22 Kursaal, Harder 1-2
  How to empower patients for a lifelong healthy lifestyle  
How to motivate for a lifelong healthy lifestyle?  
K. Vogt  
Patient coaching - possible tools and new concepts  
A. Hofmann  
Dieser Workshop wird unterstützt durch: Astra Zeneca AG  
14:00-15:30 Main Session 7 Kursaal, Ballsaal
  Anticoagulation and GI bleeding 2014
Vorsitz/ Modération: J. Borovicka (St. Gallen, CH)
P. Müller-Widmer (Chur, CH)
History of GI bleeding: Which cardiac patient cannot be anticoagulated?
J. Borovicka (St. Gallen, CH)
Non-pharmacologic prevention of thromboembolism in Afib?
B. Meier (Bern, CH)
PPI for everyone?
Ch. Beglinger (Basel, CH)
Aspirin for everyone? Can we propagate it now?
N. Rodondi (Bern, CH)
Anticoagualtion in a nurse-Led AF- Clinic
J. Hendriks (Maastricht, NL)
PCI strategies and concomitant antithrombotic-therapy in patients at high GI bleeding risk
H. Rickli (St. Gallen, CH)
14:00-15:30 Oral Session 14 Kursaal, Club Casino
  Catch your breath: rare diseases and amazing complications
Vorsitz/ Modération: B. Spoendlin (Reinfelden, CH)
P. Monnier (La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH)
A giant right coronary artery aneurysm
R. Pfister (Lausanne, CH)
Intramyocardial hematoma mimicking anterior acute myocardial infarction
S. Degrauwe (Lausanne, CH)
Consecutive symptomatic spontaneous dissection of carotid, coronary and renal arteries in a 45years old woman with suspected fibromuscular dysplasia
M. Cattaneo (Bellinzona, CH)
Delayed annulus rupture after transcatheter aortic valve implantation
B. Langhammer (Bern, CH)
Transseptal transcatheter mitral valve implantation for severely calcified mitral stenosis
A.-A. Fassa (Paris, FR)
Recurrent intracardiac thrombus as a complication of essential thrombocytemia:  A case report
St. Perruchoud Fluri (Sion, CH)
14:00-15:30 Scientific Session 7 Kursaal, Brünig
  Fontan circulation
Vorsitz/ Modération: J. Bouchardy (Lausanne, CH)
D. Stambach (St. Gallen, CH)
Extracardiac complications (PLE, plastic bronchitis, varicosis, …)
K. Wustmann (Bern, CH)
Hepatic follow-up
E. Giostra (Genève, CH)
The future for Fontan patients: emerging therapies and devices
M. Hübler (Zürich, CH)
14:00-15:30 Oral Session 15 Kursaal, Rugen
  Conventional valve surgery
Vorsitz/ Modération: E. Roost (Bern, CH)
D. Odavic (Zürich, CH)
Single-center experience with the 3RD generation freedom solo stentless valve in 147 consecutive patients
V. Göber (Bern, CH)
The self-expanding symetis acurate does not generate increased cerebral microembolic load when compared to the balloon-expandable Edwards Sapien prosthesis.  A transcranial doppler study in patients undergoing transapical aortic valve implantation
G. Erdoes (Bern, CH)
Intraoperative monitoring of spinal cord perfusion is essential to avoid paraplegia during descending thoracic aorta surgery
G. Siniscalchi (Lausanne, CH)
Are neurologic symptoms still a contraindication for surgery in acute type A aortic dissection?
B. Reinhard (Bern, CH)
Postoperative thrombocytopenia in patients with stentless, stented, and sutureless aortic valve protheses.
S. Reineke (Bern, CH)
Is the video-assisted mitral valve repair with artificial chords reproducible and applicable in routine surgery?
A. Panos (Genève, CH)